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Motorcoach Traveling Tips

Here are some travel tips to make your bus charter trip as safe and comfortable as possible:

 1.  Allow enough time to load the bus before departing. We recommend 20 minutes for loading. If it is a multiple day trip it may take longer due to luggage loading.

2.  Know the address of you loading and destination point(s).  If you have the address of your destination we will figure out mileage accordingly and eliminate any additional mileage charges.

3.  Select casual and comfortable attire and walking shoes for daytime travel unless the itinerary suggests otherwise.

4.  Since it is difficult to keep the temperature in a motorcoach at a level that is comfortable for everyone, a light jacket is suggested. 

5. Advise your friends and family of your itinerary. Take a list of phone numbers from home that you may need to contact in case of an emergency.

6.  If your trip involves crossing the US border, be sure to carry your birth certificate (with raised seal), or a valid passport as proof of citizenship as well as a current identification card.

7.  Do not place valuables, including jewelry, cameras, car keys, medications, etc. in any suitcase or bag that will not be kept with you at your seat.  Do not leave valuables on the bus for any length of time, including rest stops, venues, or attractions.

8.  If your plans include an overnight stay, please plan for a hotel room for the driver. In some cases, motels will give multiple room discounts or even give you the driver room for no cost.

9.  Introduce yourself and your traveling companion(s) to others on the bus. Coach travel is an excellent way to make new friends.